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 Titanium Twisted Tube Coiling Heat Exchanger


 Heat Exchange area:The proportion of titanium straight tube and titanium threaded pipe is 1.3:1.
 Water flow rate:The heat transfer time is longer,due to the big resistance and slow velocity provided by the internal thread
 Cleanse scale:Turbulence form rotating flushing, which increased cleaning scales ability
 The total thermal efficiency:It is 1.3—2.6 times to titanium straight tube.


Standard: ASTM B338/ASME SB338 ASTM B861/ASME SB861
Inner tube diameter:9.52mm-60mm
Length: max23M
Thickness: 0.5mm---3.0mm
Temperature range:-50°C ~200°C
Work pressure:3.5 Mpa
Heating capacity 3kw~500kw or more
Can be the 1.3-2.6 times of general smooth tube
Joint connection: copper nut and titanium thread 
Refrigerant side (In the tube): R22, R134a, R407c and R410a etc.  
Water side: Nature water, sea water, other corrosive solution.


Can be used both for condenser and for evaporator,Usually used for the high temperature heat pump,spa heater,swimming pool thermostatic equipment, aquarium chiller, marine refrigerant system, solar energy heater or heating cooling some corrosive solution from the waste water or exhaust gas.