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 High-frequency wWelded Helical Finned Tube

Used in boilers, furnaces and fired heaters.

A continuous helical fin is attached to the base tube by high frequency electric resistance welding in order to give an efficient and thermally reliable bond. Fins can be either solid or serrated (segmented).

Tube and pipe sizes available:
Tube OD: 25.4 / 31.8 / 38.1 / 50.8 / 63.5 and 76.0 mm
Pipe OD: 26.7 / 33.4 / 42.2 / 48.3 / 60.3 / 73.0 / 88.9 / 101.6 / 114.3 / 141.3 / 168.3 and 219.1 mm

Tube/Pipe Thickness:
Minimum 2.13mm for solid fin
Minimum 1.9mm for serrated fin
Minimum thickness is also dependant on the fin thickness and tube/pipe OD.

Fin Height Range:
Solid Fin: 6.3mm - 31.8mm
Serrated Fin: 12.7mm - 38.1mm

Fin Height is dependant on the fin type (solid or serrated) tube OD, fin thickness and material.

Fin Thickness is dependant on the fin material, height of fin and tube OD. Usually between 1.0mm and 3.4mm.

Fin Density is dependant upon fin type (solid or serrated) tube OD, fin height, fin thickness and fin material. Density is generally between 1 fin/inch and 7 fins/inch.

Materials for both tube/pipe and fin can be a combination of carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel.

For a rapid quotation please specify:
Number of pieces, Pipe/tube: Diameter, thickness, length and material specification. Fins: material specification, type (solid or serrated), height, thickness, spacing, finned length and unfinned sections. Weld prep details if required. Delivery period required.