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 High Aluminum Finned Tube

1.    Materials: C12200.
2.    Performances: high efficiency, energy-saving, endurable in use, eco-friendly and materials-saving.
3.    Processes: Extruded processes (Rolling).
4.    The Fin height reaches 10~15mm.
5.    The surface area ratio-outside to inside reaches 8~15.
6.    Mainly used in all kinds of water heater, heat pumps.
7.    Widely used in petroleum industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, power industry, food, maritime, home appliances such as refrigerator and air-condition, automobile industry etc.
8.    Large volume, high quality, most competitive price and excellent services
9.    OEM is available according to drawings and/or samples
10.  Sold well in U.S.A, Germany, Australia etc.